Album of Visitors

Welcome to Kailash Mountain Kennel's Album of Visitors.

We not only welcome visitors of the human variety; we also welcome the four-legged, furry kind.

This is Allison Sinner*

As you can see, Tashi thinks she's OK. The rest of the Kailash family thinks so, too. We warn folks ahead of time not to wear fancy clothes when coming to stay with us. Can you see why?

Malin and Ann Foster*

They not only came to look, but on their second visit they took home their first TK puppy.

This is "Talai"

Dina Bath* is a regular around our house.

It took a little longer for her to get the TK bug, but once she did, it was a lifetime bite.

She's got two TKs now:  Kyiki and Tud.

Allyce Alexander & Kringle*

This was a match made in heaven.

Kringle originally went to Oregon to be a pasture guardian dog. With the passing of Allyce, he has come full circle and has returned to the care of his breeders.

Another one with the TK habit.

Eamon & Michele Killoran*

Also seasoned TK parents.

This is Eamon with Kata on one of their many visits to our house.

Kata stays with us when her folks travel.


Where else will you find visitors taking pictures of visitors taking pictures???

Now here's a lady who's really hooked on KyiApsos! Lynne isn't afraid to get right down to the nitty gritty and let the dogs show her their ability to love and share.

Other "two-legged" visitors to see TKs at Kailash Mountain Kennel have been Jeff Byrant, Dorothy Bath, Ben Bath, Barbara Galey, Bruce and Melanie Hettinger, Marjorie Kemp, Greg Lubkin, Diana Quinn, Michael Wood, Lin Randal, Grace Robinson, Elisabeth Reihersman, Daniel Taylor, Vicki Wise, Kathy and Jamie Emery.

The "four-legged" visitors have been a kick to meet.

This is Laxmi meeting our Georgie Girl for the first time. In the background, you can see Doja greeting our little Ashley.

This is Laxmi playing tug of war with Doja. These two girls had never met before coming to Colorado.

Both girls enjoyed stealing and chewing the toy.

Here are Changtang and Kyibu both exploring the front yard. They are brother and sister and hadn't seen each other since they were very young pups in West Virginia. Kyibu lived in Washington, DC and Changtang in Juneau, Alaska. The memory abilities of this breed are amazing.

Among other fuzzy visitors, we would have to include Karma Ken's Kang, Karma Ken's Mamamyuntso ("Mindu") and Muskeg's Kinninnick.

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