Kailash Mountain Kennel's Kaleidoscope of KyiApsos

Welcome to Kailash Mountain Kennel family of Tibetan KyiApsos.


This is Kyiapso Po-Jang Gu-Dru of Kailash. He was one of the first TKs ever to be born outside of Tibet. The pretty little girl next to him is Kailash Tashi da Lek. She was born in Tibet and is now living in Colorado.

Both TKs are adults here. Due to extreme malnutrition when she was a pup in Tibet, Tashi is much smaller.

This is a typical day working in the office. This picture gives you an idea of what it's like to have dog-to-dog KyiApso carpeting.

After a long day of playing and guarding "Nana" and the house, they all flake out on the softest thing in the room wherever "Nana" is.

This is what we call a "nose-to-tail" TK slumber party.

Bet you've never seen a TK train before.

TKs teach their pups how to take down intruders by taking turns being the prey and the attacker. The dog on her back is actually putting her hind leg into another TK's mouth while allowing her front paw to be held in the mouth of another dog. This allows each TK to learn the necessary skills for hunting and natural protection. The TKs in this picture are from three different litters from three different kennels and are different ages. Muskeg's Highbush Cranberry of Kailash (extreme left), Kailash Gawanda Darchen (hind leg holder), Karma Ken's Kata (prey), Kailash Gawanda Garma (front leg holder), Kailash Shawgay Jokhang (right rear) and Kailash Gawanda Chaba (next to Cranberry).

"This is my log."
"No, it's not."
"Well, I'm taller than you."
"No, you're not, and this is still MY LOG!"

Tibetan Kyiapsos are an extremely social breed. They do well as single dogs in a home, but they are happiest when they have another dog to bond with. Put two TKs together that have met for the first time in neutral territory, and in minutes they will be playing like lifelong buddies.

Look, Nana––we can fly!

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